Problem: Wasatch Window Well Covers traditionally let their technicians prepare a cardboard template of customer window wells.  These templates would be brought back to the manufacturing shop.  With desires to grow nationally, this method of template with cardboard was too cumbersome adding as much as two weeks to the lead time.  Such a long lead time was seen as detrimental to customer relationships.  Wasatch Window Well Covers approached us asking if it was possible to have a solution where the technician could take a photo of the window well, and then have the shop fabricate from the photo.

Solution: We developed a system that allows the technicians to take a photo of a window well, upload it to the cloud, making it almost immediately accessible at the shop for fabrication.  Additionally we have created the cloud database system, am now working on a cloud based CRM system providing a complete customized fully integrated solution.

Value added:  The custom automation and technology solution allows Wasatch Window Wells to scale nationally while reducing lead times.  This technology solution has reduced card board template costs by as much as USD 70,000 per year for their Utah market alone.  Wasatch Window Well Covers through the cloud database system has real time knowledge allowing them to know at what stage a customer’s window well covers are in the process.  With this information they can inform and keep clients updated on expected delivery.  They are delighting their customers.

Window well with template on used when taking a picture.

Window well after image processing. Distortion and perspective errors have been removed.