Zeke Rhodes | Design Manager

Before his role as Manager of the Design Team at Brenkman & Company, Zeke worked in Maintained Landscaping, driving trucks, installing landscaping, and mowing lawns. He also served 8 years working for a Medical Career service delivering medicines to clinics and driving blood from Cache Valley to the hospital for testing.

Since joining Brenkman & Company in 2016 he has assisted in maintaining client relationships, drafting HVAC and plumbing designs, invoicing, and creating fee proposals.His favorite project, thus far, has been The Beavery Creamery. Even though he has only been there once (for the final site review), he exclaimed that:

“It was my favorite because it’s such an icon….and it is probably the most well-known one that we have done… everyone always stops by it….”

When asked why he joined Brenkman & Company, his response was.

“I never saw myself getting involved in architecture, and what HVAC plumbing design was. Guess I got involved because I liked the boss. I like to learn, and here there are great opportunities to learn new things and to grow. And I guess I stay involved because I have a lot of fun… I like Henk too!”

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