Young Mazda Car Dealership

Young mazda before (2016) and after (2017)

Location: Ogden, UT

Building Type: Car Dealership (Shop and Service Area)

Total Sq ft: 33,000

Company Scope: An existing retail building was converted to this Young Mazda car dealership. Designs for mechanical and plumbing blueprints for Young Mazda (shop and retail areas) created by Brenkman & Company were as follows:

Mechanical: Mechanical designs included HVAC systems for shop and office space ventilation, heating and air conditioning using RTUs. RTUs aided in helping circulate air flows in retail and office areas. The addition of pressure relief dampers and bypass dampers permitted the RTUs to service multiple zones for conditioning, distribution, and airflow regulation. Office and retail HVAC designs also incorporated cassette fan coils with associated heat pumps. Shop HVAC designs included vehicle exhaust, heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), unit heaters, and radiant tube heater systems. Unit heaters (small areas) and radiant tube heaters (larger opened-spaced areas) functioned as heat source regulators for the shop, with HRVs serving as temperature mediators. The shop utilizes make-up air units (with evaporative cooling and gas heat), exhaust fans, and NOx/CO sensors for air monitoring ensuring a safe and comfortable work environment. Since it’s an automotive repair shop a point of use exhaust system was included in the design.

Plumbing: Plumbing designs included domestic water, sewer, compressed air, and natural gas distribution systems for both shop and office areas. Gas domestic water heaters and point of use (electric) heaters were sourced for restrooms in the office and retail space. Design included a pressure washer for the shop area.

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