Markus Brenkman | Designer

As a Design Team member at Brenkman & Company, Markus has served in many industries before joining the company in 2022. His roles spanned serving in sales (3 years) performing mid-level management duties, cashier checkouts and balancing, and checking and dispatching stock items; working in the restaurant industry as a manager (3 years) opening and closing shops, basic financial tasks, stock management, and basic mid-level management; operating as a personal assistant for property development (1 year) performing secretary, financial, and other small tasks, in addition to interacting with contractors as a middle man and computer work; and overseeing as a site supervisor (15 years) working on high voltage substations (construction), performing site management duties (material stock and check-ins), reaching targets for deadlines, client contacting and managing his team.

Now as a Design Team member at Brenkman & Company, he creates Revit drawings for HVAC and plumbing systems for clients. Since starting with the company, his highlight has been the Big O project, as he explains:

“Big O was one of my favorites…. Because it is a tire place and there was a lot of other stuff, we had to look at which was different from what we normally do…like the air space…it had a lot of variety.”

When questioned about the reason for joining Brenkman & Company, his reply was.

“I started working for a friend of mine, and things did not work out between the two of us and Henk gave me the offer to start working with him as well. I enjoy the hours that I work, I know that’s a strange thing to say, but I’m a person that likes staying up late at night…. you guys are in America…and that’s what makes it quite fun for me. The other thing is I can work from home, and don’t have to go to the office…. I always enjoyed drawings, that’s another reason why enjoyed this work as well.”

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