Henk Brenkman | Founder

Henk has served in many industries before founding Brenkman & Company in 2010. He participated in research organizations (5 years) serving in metrology and electro-optics before acquiring his MBA (2 years), after which he worked for Accenture (9 months) as a business consulting analyst. He then spent a few years in Denel (performing tasks in the electric optics department (military cameras) and aviation department (designing transmission systems for helicopters)) and the Insurance industry before working for A.D. Williams Engineering in HVAC and plumbing design.

After starting Brenkman & Company in Canada in 2010, Henk registered a small office branch in the US in 2012 before changing the head office to the US in 2016. As the CEO, he focuses on building client relationships, encouraging autonomy among his team, seeking innovative opportunities to expand his field, etc.

He expresses his reasons for starting the company as he contemplates:

“I always wanted to have my own business…. I cannot work for a boss. I like my freedom.”

When asked which has been his favorite project, he explained:

“Big O, there’s a variety of things in that package…. that project…that made it fun. Another one (maybe not that fun to work on all the time), I like that system with Ryan being able to fabricate the window well from the cover.”

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