Beaver Creamery

Location: Beaver UT

Building Type: Retail, Café & Shop

Total Sq ft: 11, 200

Company Scope: As a unique building, the iconic Cache Valley Cheese factory, which was revamped a few years ago into a retail creamery facility, outsourced Brenkman & Company to provide them with plumbing and mechanical designs unique to their situation. The following mechanical and plumbing designs were as follows:

Mechanical: With its visionary design to incorporate a family friendly experience for their customers, the Creamery’s design incorporated a commercial kitchen which provided a unique set-up. Mechanical designs focused on HVAC systems which included a make-up air unit and exhaust fan for the commercial kitchen, in addition to furnaces for the retail section of the store.

Plumbing: Plumbing designs included domestic water and sewer systems, with details of the designs specifically linking the fridges to the sewer systems

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